Why Us

Why Choose I Got This Today?

At I Got This Today, we prioritize convenience, flexibility, and accessibility to ensure a smooth and effective online learning experience for all students.

Flexible Learning

Our online platform offers flexible education solutions tailored to suit individual schedules and learning styles.

Expert Teachers

State-certified teachers with extensive classroom experience create and deliver our comprehensive curriculum, ensuring academic excellence.

Student Support

We provide personalized support services, including regular check-ins, office hours, and open communication channels for parents

Data-Driven Approach

With a focus on student progress, we use a data-driven approach which allows us to tailor coursework to meet diverse student needs.

Engaging Classes

Our curriculum try's to meet different learning styles by providing a variety of delivery methods as well as incorporating games and review activities.

Choose Us

Choose I Got This Today for a personalized, engaging, and successful online learning experience.

How does Online Learning work at I Got This Today?


Parents or guardians, along with students, sign up for our online platform.


A dedicated teacher or staff member will reach out to guide you through the registration process.

Learning Style Assessment

We provide a learning style assessment to see how you like to learn best. This helps personalize your instruction.

Diagnostic Assessment

Students undergo a diagnostic assessment to evaluate their strengths and areas for improvement.

Coursework Commencement

Once assessments are complete, students begin their coursework at their own pace.

Modular Organization

Our courses are organized into modules, providing students with all necessary materials for each section.

Material Options

Students have the flexibility to access course materials digitally and may also request paper copies of assignments.

Submission Methods

Course assignments can be submitted conveniently online via our platform, through email, or by sending a picture via text for handwritten assignments.

Assignment Deadlines

While daily submission is encouraged, we offer flexibility. All assignments for the week must be submitted by Sunday, 11:59 PM, to be considered on time