NY State Regents Test Prep

Welcome to our comprehensive Test Prep Services designed specifically for Regents Exam Preparation in New York State. We understand the importance of excelling in these exams, and our program offers tailored support to ensure each student reaches their full potential.

Our State-Aligned Curriculum covers a range of subjects including

Algebra I


Global History & Geography II

U.S. History & Government

Living Environment

Physical Setting / Earth Science

Our approach begins with thorough Diagnostic Assessments, pinpointing individual strengths and areas needing improvement. Through these assessments, we craft Customized Learning Plans, ensuring that every student receives personalized attention and guidance.

One key aspect of our program is our Learning Style Surveys, allowing students to discover their preferred methods of learning. With this insight, we tailor our Flexible Coursework Options to accommodate various learning styles, providing Asynchronous and Synchronous Learning opportunities that suit each student’s schedule and preferences.

Each course is structured into modules, organized by topics of study, and delivered with Differentiated Learning Approaches to meet diverse learning needs.

In addition to comprehensive study materials and games, we offer Interactive Learning Experiences to keep students engaged and motivated. Our Expert Guidance ensures students receive the support they need, whether through Student-Teacher Interactions during Open Office Hours or Supportive Learning Communities where students can share insights and collaborate

Regular Check-Ins and Bi-Weekly Progress Reports keep students on track, allowing for adjustments to their learning plans as needed. We also offer Parent Outreach to keep families informed and involved in their child's progress.

With our Test Prep Services, students can expect Individualized Tutoring, Expert Guidance, and a Supportive Learning Environment that fosters success in Regents Exams. Let us help you achieve your academic goals and excel in your future endeavors.


Unlock your path to success with our comprehensive Test Prep Services for New York State Regents
Exams, enhanced with optional Live Sessions for interactive learning experiences.

Discover flexibility with our payment options! In addition to our enticing subscription packages and add-ons, we also offer a convenient payment plan: four bi-weekly payments for your chosen courses and extras. Embrace learning on your terms.